Unlock Personalization
with data you already have

Transaction Behaviour Intelligence for Fintechs and Finservs

Data is already here

Transaction data is  collected and stored for loan applications, payments and point of sale

Rich in behavior patterns and insights

Where we spend our money every day is the richest source of truth for understanding our needs, interests and lifestyles

Accurate depiction of needs, interests, lifestyles

Use human-level AI to transform raw data into verified customer behaviors and intent.

Key to new opportunities

Hyper-targeted customer segmentation to find more leads, personalize messaging, write more loans and more.  

We're particularly good at turning transactional records into customer behaviours and intent for segmentation and targeting


Long tail merchant categorization

Long tail merchant recognition, merchant meta data enrichment APIs.
Customisable categorisation trained for your use case


Behavior extraction 

at scale

Generate thousands of usable customer behaviors and intent 



Hyper-targeted segments designed to optimize lead generation, personalized messaging, credit risk and more

Unlock growth opportunities from transaction data.
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